Furby's House
Welcome to Elisa Black-Taylor and Furby's House
Furbys Halfway House began in November of 2010 as a rescue mission for animals on the euthanasia list at Greenville County Animal Care in Greenville, SC. Since November a total of 49 cats and 1 dog have been saved from euthanasia, many in the hour they were meant to die.

Elisa is a writer on cat and dog welfare, specializing in abuse and the link between animal cruelty and criminal domestic violence. She is a regular contributor as well as marketing director for pictures-of-cats.org. She also writes on the issue of domestic violence, dogs, pets and genealogy for Examiner.com

Elisa's current project is covering dogs shot by police, and is currently #1 reporter for the Greenville, SC Examiner.

Elisa can be reached at elisablacktaylor@gmail.com

Paypay donations are very welcome at dvdjunkie2008@aol.com or

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